TV Puppetry Lab

In association with Talk to the Hand

Mon 18 November, 6.30 – 9pm

Location: Studios – we have two venues, this event takes place at our Studios, a short walk from the theatre. Click for more information.

TV Puppetry Lab is back!

Another opportunity for all puppeteers passionate about puppetry for the screen (from enthusiastic beginners to seasoned professionals) to get together and practise the skills essential for dynamic and compelling film and television puppetry, and maybe invent some techniques of their own.

We will be building on the success of the last TV Puppetry Lab in September, this time working more as a larger group, watching one another work, and offering feedback when requested.

Once again the evening will be loosely led by Iestyn Evans and Andy Heath from Talk to the Hand Productions, although the goal of these evenings is for people to use the time, space, puppets and equipment to play, experiment and learn together.

We aim to create an environment where people can take risks and make mistakes, as we believe it is only under these circumstances that we really learn and grow.

The evening will allow participants to forge new connections in the industry and hopefully open the floodgates to innovate new and exciting work in this field.

Like last time, techniques up for exploration include:
– Lipsync
– Working with monitors
– Blocking
– Choreography
– Eyelines and focus
– Multi operator puppets
– Acting through the puppet
– Improvisation and spontaneity with the puppet
– Tricks, cheats and gags
– Breaking down a script
– Working with props
– Character development and voice technique
– … and anything else people think of on the day!

We hope to continue to run regular TV Puppetry Labs. Come and join us and help make that a reality!

“Not for a very long time has so much been brought into a room to accommodate, enthuse and guide such a large group of puppeteers of all levels of experience with a shared interest in TV puppetry. Hopefully this will be the first of many more to come.”

“A good get together for people to learn new skills or strengthen old ones.
Or just hang out for a jolly with like minded people and puppets.”

“A brilliant practical set up and a great opportunity to practice monitor work. A really nice relaxed atmosphere with so much knowledge on hand. Perfect for anyone interested in puppetry for the screen.”

“A very welcoming atmosphere and so insightful into the world of TV puppetry.”

“Puppet Lab was an excellent introduction to TV puppetry and gave us all a wonderful opportunity to play – ideal for professional development of experienced and beginner puppetry enthusiasts.”


This is a free event, however please book early to secure a place.