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Matthew’s Puppet Film Club – Return to Oz

Presented by Little Angel Theatre

A monthly film night curated by artist and puppet maker Matthew Robins (Flyboy).

Return to Oz (1985)
Thursday 13 June, 7.30pm
Location: Theatre

An un-official sequel to The Wizard of Oz, Return to Oz (written and directed by Walter Murch) is possibly Disney’s delightfully bleakest film and featuring some of puppet-cinema’s most charismatic creations . . . The Gump, for example, half chaise-longue, half moose-head, or Tik-Tok, the rusting royal army-of-one.

A young Dorothy Gale (played here by Fairuza Balk in her first film role) narrowly escapes electro-shock therapy and finds herself once again in Oz – only this time the Emerald City is (unfortunately) in ruins and over-run by some of the truly scariest villains in Disney history, the Wheelers, Princess Mombi, and the Nome King. But it has a beautiful David Shire score.

Just some of the reasons why this is the only other film I rented every other Saturday in 1989.

PG – bring your brave kids, it’s genuinely quite scary.

Each month Matthew will be screening a different film, handpicked and featuring his favourite onscreen puppets. From well-known films featuring, let’s say, Gremlins or The Muppets, to more obscure films and cult rarities.

Not only is there a film, but each month there will be other (themed) ways to get involved including (but not always) made-up games or puppet bingo, competitive audience craft, special guests or live performances, puppet disco and maybe some prizes. Each month will be different!

There will be a bar and snacks, as well as specially homemade merchandise and souvenirs for you to buy or maybe even win.

Matthew’s Puppet Film Club is for adults and older children (10+)

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All tickets £10

Running Time: 2 hours 30 mins approx