Presented by Theatre of Whiddershins
Thurs 13 – Sat 15 April
Location: Theatre

Thurs – Sat: 11am, 2pm

Tangles? Split Ends? Frizzy? Flyaway? It’s bad enough having a bad hair day but pity poor Rapunzel spending her life in a tower with some strange woman using her captive’s locks as a step ladder! What sort of damage is that going to do to your hair?

Theatre of Widdershins have taken this traditional tale right back to its roots, teased out the tangles and styled it into a beautifully coiffured hair piece! This enchanting show promises plenty of body, volume and loads of highlights. Make an appointment to see the show today – because you’re worth it!

Age Guidance
Rapunzel and the Tower of Doom is aimed at ages 4-9. The company say: ‘There is a witch in the show so those children who are easily scared can find such a sinister witch, accompanied by sad music, rather scary. There is a lot of humour in the show once the sad initial scenes are over. And of course, good triumphs.’
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£10 Full-price Adults
£8 Children (age 1 – 15) and Concessions

£1.80 booking fee applies to all card transactions (no fee for members – click here for details)

Running Time: 60 mins