Hi, I'm Rachel!

Hi, I’m Rachel, I’ve been doing stage management work experience at the Little Angel Theatre. I love coming here, I’ve made really good friends and I have a good laugh. We work really hard, and David makes sure there’s always something to do, he’s the Technical Manager. He’s really funny, but I don’t like it when he sings Dolly Parton songs in the van. I love all the puppets at the theatre, my favourite show is Fantastic Mr Fox. The best bit is when he gets his tail shot off! I’ve been learning about all the new lights, my favourite ones are called LEDs, they change colour, and you can move them round and round to shine on the actors. I’ve had a brilliant time at the theatre.”

This is one of the puppets from Fantastic Mr Fox.

This is the workshop where they make all the puppets for the shows.

These are called flight cases, you use them on tour to keep everything safe.

The touring shows go out in the van, sometimes we have to go out and take the puppets into different schools and theatres.

Today it was really messy because there was a big delivery.

So we cleared it up!

I hate some of the jobs, sometimes I have to help empty the bins.

This is where all the lights and sound work from. I didn't want to go up the ladder at first, but I did it in the end.

You put these in lights to make patterns. They're called gobos.

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