When I first told my classmates at university that I was going to do a placement at a puppet theatre most of them reacted with exactly the same childish smile as I did when I first came to LAT.

This place is just full of magic and working here is absolutely great! I love hearing the children screaming with laughter during the shows and Larry the theatre cat (and the secret owner of the place) distracting everyone in the office from work. But not only cats and little children make the LAT a very lively place. There are also dogs and even occasional wolves strolling through the foyer, and mysterious members of the ‘puppeteer guild’ are coming and going.

I am very lucky to assist the Saturday Puppet Club for children and one of the puppet workshops for adults, and I can assure you that the adults are having at least as much fun as the kids. Last week, we even saw one of the real ‘Muffin the mule’ puppets from the 1930s which was incredible.

I find it really exciting to work at the office, as I can witness all the inspiring discussions about where Little Angel Theatre is going to head in the next years under the new artistic director, Adam Bennett. These strategic decisions are really interesting and it is great to see how devoted and motivated all the people working here are. I am therefore happy to support the LAT with challenging fundraising issues in order to make many more brilliant LAT projects possible. I also started to organise all the old marketing materials from the Little Angel, travelling through the history of the theatre back to the 1960s.

All in all, it has been a great and exciting time at LAT so far and I hope I could make a contribution!

(A note from the LAT team: Linda has DEFINITELY made a contribution. So we just wanted to add that she has been amazing)

If you’re in higher education and interested in completing an internship with Little Angel Theatre, you can find more information here: http://bit.ly/1jykPfj