This bittersweet journey through clouded memories, love and flatulence that started in HATCH 2014 is now reaching the final stages, premiering on the 11th of March as part of FIRSTS at Little Angel Theatre.

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We have been playing with memories, objects (that are not what they seem), the push and pull of emotions, shadows from the past, and a ghost in the present : Dementia.

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The piece has been devised by a wonderful team of creators (Almudena Adalia, Mayra Stergiou, Nicholas Halliwel,Aurora Adams,Chantelle Grimaud) and written by Eirini Dermitzaki. We will be working during the coming weeks on the composition of the music (Yaiza Varona), set design (Aleiza Fidalgo) and lighting (Luis Alvarez). The last details of the puppets are being finished by the talented hands of Kelly Frost.

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Angeleta & Etelvina are two sisters who have grown old and bitter together. But now Angeleta is suffering from Dementia, and her mind is starting to muddle…

Angeleta & Etelvina is a bitter sweet comedy that explores the journey of a person suffering from dementia from the angle of the experience of a carer (sister) who deals on a daily basis with a person with dementia. It is a heartbreaking story that will transport you from laughter to tears.


The creation of a character suffering from dementia is an interesting challenge because you cannot draw a logical and linear journey. You have to consider two realities and understand how they intersect. We are happy to count on the advice and support of scientist Sebastian Crutch in order to have a correct approach to the subject matter.

We have been at L’Institut de la Marionette with Vertebra Theatre Company developing an innovative approach to the use of Bunraku Puppetry as a therapeutic tool to bring together elders and young people.

STOP PRESS: We have just been awarded Arts Council Funding. This is fantastic news for us and will be incredibly useful for the production. 

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