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Age Guidance – May-July 2017

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Bringing children under the recommended ages
We won’t refuse admission to anyone, but it is important to consider the age suitability, particularly on older shows. If noise is spoiling others’ enjoyment, staff may ask you to take your child out to the foyer, and bear in mind that children must be accompanied in all areas of the building, so you can’t leave another child watching the show unless there is another adult in your party. We regret that we cannot issue refunds.

About our age ranges
Age recommendations are only  a rough guide.
If you have children of primary school age there are many shows to choose from. A good show works for both ends of its range, e.g. a 7 year old can enjoy a show for 3-7 as well as one for 5-11, and there are often elements that are best appreciated by the older children, like verbal humour or thought provoking themes.

Younger children and babies
This summer we have some interactive shows in Little Angel Studios that are specially for babies and under-3s.
Shows for 2-6 or 3-7 will be visually led and paced in a way to engage children at the younger end (though they may not understand everything), and can have some appeal for even younger ones, but are less suitable for toddlers and crawlers, since you need to stay in your seat while you watch.
The older the age recommendation, the more likely it is that following a detailed story and complex language will be important to a child’s enjoyment.

Young people and adults
Little Angel Theatre presents high quality shows that everyone can enjoy. Adults are welcome at any show, with or without children, and children above the target range usually enjoy themselves too. However, shows with an age range ‘- to Adult’ are particularly recommended for an older audience.