Age guidance FAQs

Emily Rising
for age 7 to adult

Why is this show not recommended for children under 7?
The pace and language of the show will be geared to older children. Emily is 10 years old. Her parents are separated, she has a younger brother, and other characters include a teacher, a doctor and a social worker. The story is set in contemporary London, and although magical things happen, Emily is a very real girl and the play is realistic in exploring the emotions and relationships of a pre-teen growing up, so much younger children will not follow or identify as well.

Can younger children come in?
We won’t refuse admission to anyone for this show, but do bear in mind when planning your visit that if you take a child out to the foyer during the performance, you cannot leave other children  unaccompanied in the auditorium. If your child is making too much noise, staff may ask you to take them into the foyer. We regret that we cannot issue refunds.

We recommend Let’s Fly for children under 7.