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Age guidance FAQs

The Lost Things
For age 8 – 12

Why is this show not recommended for children under 8?
The story is partly about two young people who have run away from home, and so contains some themes that might not be appropriate for younger children, as well as some violent imagery. The piece has been carefully geared towards the understanding of young people aged over 8, reflecting themes of family, belonging and independence. The show takes place in a large enclosed dome, an immersive world where the story unfolds around you. The inside of the dome is dark so it can be slightly scary for young children.

Can younger children come in?
We won’t refuse admission to anyone for this show, but do bear in mind when planning your visit that if you take a child out of the performance space, you cannot leave other children  watching the show unaccompanied. If your child is making too much noise, staff may ask you to take them out. Please especially note for this show that due to the layout of the dome anyone who leaves cannot be readmitted, as this involves walking across the stage. We regret that we cannot issue refunds.