The Dream Factory is perfect for ages 3 to 11

Following the story of a girl that has lost her ability to dream, our story will take children of all ages on an unforgettable adventure to find out where dreams are made.  Younger children will love the sensory nature of the show with its interactive puppets, playful musical soundtrack and magical surprises that are waiting to be discovered in each dream jar.  Older children will enjoy piecing together the links between each of the dreams and working out what it is that has stopped our heroine from dreaming.  This will encourage them to share their own dreams and the magic of their imagination.

Can under-3s see the show?

All ages are admitted for this show, and there will be things that under-3s can enjoy but it is not actually aimed at them. All children aged one or over on the day of the performance need their own tickets.

Bringing babies and younger children

For safety reasons we need to keep fire routes clear, so if you need to stand up or walk around with your child we ask you to do this outside the performance space. Prams and buggies are left in a designated area. We expect our youngest audiences to be lively and vocal when interacting with the show, but if noise is spoiling others’ enjoyment we encourage you to take your child out of the performance space. Please bear in mind when planning your visit that children must be accompanied at all times, so if for example you come out with your baby, you can’t leave another child watching the show unless there is another adult in your party. We regret that we cannot issue refunds.

 What about people over 11?

Little Angel Theatre is known for presenting high quality shows that anyone and everyone can enjoy. Adults are welcome, with or without children, and we find that children over the target age range usually enjoy themselves as well. So it’s a show that all the family will enjoy.