We asked Oliver Smart, professional Puppeteer, Director of Folded Feather Theatre Company and Little Angel Theatre tutor extraordinaire, to tell us a bit about his forthcoming one day Introduction to Puppetry Performance course (Sunday 6th March, 10am – 5pm, Little Angel Studios).

This workshop continues to be one of our most popular adult courses, so – what can participants expect? Over to you Oli…..

My aim on this course is to introduce as much about puppetry as is possible in a six hour, action packed day.  The day begins with an introductory session where many different puppetry styles and techniques are demonstrated and discussed, then we go hands on and try these ideas out.

Often there is a degree of trepidation surrounding how to start the puppetry journey, this one day crash course is a chance to simply throw ourselves, hands first, into this extraordinary medium.

Rather than concentrating intensively on one puppetry style we will uncover the fundamental techniques which allow any puppet to be presented with dynamic rhythm and breath.

Participants range from seasoned theatrical practitioners to those who just feel the creative urge to try something new.  There is ample opportunity for conversations focused on puppetry projects which participants may be already involved in, or dreaming towards.

 It will be a lot of fun!

Oliver Smart, February 2016