Sleeping Beauty in the Wood

Suitable for age 3 years +

Running time 50 minutes

A long time ago, one disgruntled fairy cast a spell that sent the whole world into a spin…

This adaptation of the story of Briar Rose by the Brothers Grimm, conjures a dreamlike fantasy of palaces and forests, ogres and fairies, princes and babes. It tells the story of a King and Queen desperate for a child, and a fairy who grants their wish. But when the fairy is not invited to their new baby Rose’s christening she casts a different kind of spell – that on her 16th birthday, the young princess will prick her finger and everyone in the kingdom will fall asleep for 100 years. Only the arrival of a prince from the Far East brings hope of an awakening.

This bold production uses puppetry, imaginative video projections, automata and live music to weave an irresistibly magical storytelling experience.

“Witty, ingenious and romantic” Time Out

Directed and Designed by Joy Haynes
Originally devised by Joy Haynes, Rachel Leonard & Andrew Nixon
Music composed by Arran Glass
Puppets made by Jan Zalud

Tour Dates Spring 2014

The Tricycle, Kilburn / 7 March

Vera Fletcher Theatre / 8 March

Arts Depot, Finchley / 9 March

Half Moon Theatre / 15 March

Cambridge Junction / 16 March

Canada Water Culture Space / 22 March

The Albany, Deptford / 23 March

Burnley Youth Theatre / 27 March

The Edge, Chorlton / 28 & 29 March

Citidel, St Helens / 30 March

Stratford Circus / 5 April

Jacksons Lane, Highgate / 6 April

Norwich Puppet Theatre / 8 – 12 April

Royal Albert Hall / 14 & 15 April

Norden Farm, Maidenhead / 17 April

Gulbenkian, Canterbury / 18 April