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Babies and the art of play

by Greta Clough, Artistic Director of Old Saw I always think the way that puppeteers first approach a puppet or object is uncannily similar to the way babies play.  A baby sees a ball and they don’t think to themselves … Continue reading

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FIRSTS Festival: Cat in the Cupboard

REHEARSAL BLOG Monday There’s probably an old Chinese proverb that says if you’re going to put on a play you’ve written yourselves don’t make the central character a cat who’s as big as a village.  It says something about our … Continue reading

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Live in the Twilight Zone: Thoughts on Directing Puppets

LIVE IN THE TWILIGHT ZONE: Thoughts on directing puppets By Peter Glanville, Artistic Director of Little Angel Theatre A common question I’m asked is how directing puppets is different from directing actors. Well, the number of approaches is probably as … Continue reading

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Top Best Puppets – What’s Yours?

Ask any member of our staff what our favourite, most memorable, or loveable puppets are, and you would be met with the sound of heads scratching and the workings of our brains. How can we pick our favourite puppets when … Continue reading

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Puppet Revolution

‘I am an anti-christ, I am an anarchist’, so sang Jonny Rotten for the Sex Pistols in 1976 but it could easily have been Punch on the streets of London in the late 17th Century. The Theatres were locked by … Continue reading

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