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Little Angel Theatre has made the difficult decision to close its doors and cancel all productions with immediate effect, following government guidance on COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

Cancellation of performances will cause serious financial strain for Little Angel Theatre. As a small charity without regular public subsidy, we will struggle to survive without public support. The situation is unprecedented and the period ahead presents a very challenging scenario for us and we are appealing for donations from patrons and supporters to ensure the future resilience of this treasured venue.

A message from Samantha Lane, Artistic Director of Little Angel Theatre:

“We, like so many other theatres, are devastated to have to make such a drastic closure decision. However we need to put the welfare of our performers and audiences first, and recognise our responsibility to prevent further spread of COVID-19, in line with government regulations. We are urging our loyal audience and supporters to consider making a donation, if they are able, to support our small venue at this challenging time.”

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