This year Little Angel Theatre is celebrating its 60th Birthday!

Little Angel Theatre aims to fuel the imagination through the magic and wonder of puppetry. These last 12 months children have been denied access to so many life changing experiences. This year as we celebrate our 60th anniversary and reopen our doors we want to be able to give the gift of puppetry to as many children as possible. With your support we hope to make this a reality.

Make a donation today to help Little Angel Theatre have its best birthday yet. Suggested donations:

  • £6 could pay for crafternoon materials for 6 children or contribute to one ticket for a school child to see a show or puppet making materials for a craft tutorial video.
  • £60 could pay for a family of 6 to see a show through our Puppets For All scheme or a digital story for our YouTube channel or support our creation costs for a production’s visual story.
  • £600 could give 60 schoolchildren the chance to see a show and meet the puppets afterwards or enable us to bring an exciting puppetry performance and workshop to Little Angel’s Summer Community Festival or contribute to our website costs, making our free content even easier to access.
  • £6,000 could cover crafternoons for a whole year or a brand new digital short for our YouTube channel or a community project with one of our partner organisations.
  • £60,000 could enable us to make a brand new show or contribute significantly to our community outreach programme costs for a year or cover the creation costs, rehearsal and touring of two new suitcase shows for vulnerable people in our community.

Give a one-off gift

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Give a regular gift

By pledging to make a regular gift you are allowing Little Angel to plan for the future. If you would like to make a regular donation then please contact

Other ways to get involved

If you would rather raise money on our behalf here are some ideas of how to get involved:

  • Take part in LAT 60 and get sponsored to walk, run, jump, skip for 60 seconds, 60 miles or 60 times in a day, week or a month.
  • Take part in a Little Angel Puppet Morning – create a puppet show (with help from all of our wonderful digital resources), and invite your friends and family to buy tickets in support of Little Angel to join you either in person or on zoom. 
  • Use your birthday or special occasion to set up a fundraiser with Facebook to ask for donations instead of gifts.

If you like the sound of any of these activities or to discuss your own ideas then please do contact us we would love to hear from you!