Digital Show and Workshop Packages for Schools

Watch, Make, Share for Schools
Digital cross-curricular puppetry projects for use in your classroom, aimed at KS1 and KS2

We have many years’ experience creating puppetry performances for and delivering workshops in schools in and around our venue in north London, and now we are extremely excited to be able to share our schools content with educational settings far and wide via a selection of digital packages.

Each package contains:

  • Watch – a digital puppet show
  • Make – workshop videos and instructions for making your own puppets, set and stories and how to use them
  • Additional resources to support cross curricular learning and ideas for delivering a puppetry project
  • Share – ideas for how to share and celebrate your work.

Content is all available digitally online and comes in the form of a combination of videos you can watch with your class and printable written materials.

Packages available:

Day and Night – Exploring shadows, light and poetry through puppetry
Best suited to KS2 Years 3 –

The starting point for this project is a beautiful shadow puppet film version of David Windle’s poem ‘Day and Night’. Pupils will then be given the opportunity to meet the filmmaker who explains the shadow and light techniques she used to create the film and how she made the puppets. There is also an accompanying workshop lesson video with detailed instructions on how to make your own translucent shadow puppets. The accompanying notes include further information and ideas for cross-curricular lessons linked to the themes as well as an author study and top tips for poetry writing from David Windle.

Curriculum links: Art and Design/Design and Technology (puppet design and making), Science (light and shadows, Earth and Space), English (poetry), PSHE (raising aspirations).

Scoop’s Space Stories – Exploring the environment and recycling through puppetry
Best suited to KS1 & KS2 Years 1 – 6

This project begins with a visit to Scoop’s Space where Scoop explains how she loves to reinvent old things and give them new life. We meet Bertie the Bottle who is made from plastic bottles and is on a mission to be recycled! In Mr Gobble’s Garden, Scoop introduces us to more quirky characters made from upcycled objects that might otherwise be thrown away and we learn some lessons about growing plants and friendship and cooperation along the way. This package also contains workshop lesson videos around making and using puppets from found objects and junk as well as cross-curricular written material focused on the themes of the environment, materials and recycling.

Curriculum links: Art and Design/Design and Technology (puppet design and making), Science (everyday materials, plants, living things and their habitats), English (stories and character), PSHE (caring for the environment, friendship).

Tam’s Gift – A story about finding what makes us special – Using puppetry and music to explore emotions, relationships, self-confidence, feeling left out, friendships and aspirations.
Best suited to KS1 and lower KS2 Years 1 – 4

Tam is a little monster who doesn’t think they are special. All the other monsters seem to be good at something but Tam is struggling to find a talent of their own. This project focuses on using puppetry to help explore emotions and relationships, particularly self-confidence, feeling left out, friendships and aspirations. The package also contains a workshop lesson video teaching you how to make your own monster puppet and written materials on how to use the puppets you have made to tell stories and also explore feelings and scenarios that pupils may struggle to communicate or face up to themselves. Puppetry is a great tool for exploring these more sensitive topics without having to refer to real people or situations. The monster puppets can express and explore thoughts, scenarios and feelings in a fun and safe way. This package also contains resources around Tam’s song including lyrics to explore and recordings to sing along to.

Curriculum links: Art and Design/Design and Technology (puppet design and making), English (stories and character), PSHE (emotional wellbeing and mental health, self-esteem, friendship), Music (singing and composition).

Cost: £96 (£80 + VAT) per package

What you get: access to the package resources for 12 months from date of purchase

How to buy: via our online shop, or call Box Office to book on 020 7226 1787 (Mon-Fri, 10am-1pm).

Please note: When you purchase a digital package, you will be sent an automatically generated email to confirm your purchase. Another email will follow within two working days with the instructions and links for you to access the content of the package. The contact email that you have used to purchase the package will be the email address that gives you access to the package. Additional emails can be added at a later date if necessary. If you have any problems accessing your package or do not receive an email within two working days of purchase, please check your junk/spam folder before contacting