If Not Here… Where?

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If Not Here… Where? is a show that has been produced by Little Angel Theatre in partnership with Great Ormond Street Hospital, with funding from BBC Children in Need and NESTA. Inspired by stories and ideas from inpatients, outpatients and the Young People’s Forum at GOSH, the show is designed to pack down into a small box and be performed at the end of a child’s hospital bed for those who are unable to leave the hospital. It incorporates puppetry and a digital app which will allow the child to make choices throughout the performance which will influence the way the story goes – ‘choose-your-own-adventure’ style. At the end of the performance children are able to interact through this app with others who have seen the show before them and may be in a similar situation in hospital.

If Not Here… Where? allows children and young people to imaginatively escape the clinical environment and explore a magical world far from the walls of the hospital.

“Every single patient found it a magical experience”

“The production was led by the needs of patients and the environment, without compromising on quality. The story telling totally captivated the audience, and the opportunity for children and young people to make choices throughout was particularly powerful in a hospital setting.”

“The show was so appropriate, universal, warm, gentle and engaging. It is rare to see work of this quality”

The show is touring throughout February 2020 to children’s hospitals and hospices across the UK, including: Great Ormond Street; Alderhey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool; Leeds Children’s Hospital; and Shooting Stars Hospice in Middlesex.

We plan to continue the tour in 2021 and 2022, to be able to visit more hospitals and reach more children. 

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If you work at a hospital or hospice and would like us to visit you on our next tour, please contact samantha@littleangeltheatre.com. Performances are offered free of charge, are 20 minutes long and are suitable for anyone over the age of five.

Photos taken by Benedict Johnson at St George’s Hospital, February 2020.