Our community department exists to ensure Little Angel Theatre is accessible to everyone. We work with groups who are underrepresented in our audiences currently and create bespoke programmes and opportunities to welcome them into our programmes.

Recent projects:

Spectrum Summer School 

This four-day summer course in August 2019 was designed to appeal to the interests of young people with Autistic Spectrum Conditions (ASC) and other communication needs, in addition to providing them with high quality leisure activities and social opportunities to meet others with similar strengths, needs and interests.

The young people were targeted through local secondary schools and health services in Islington borough. In total 11 young people aged between 13 and 18 attended the course. Over the four days they devised a story, made their own puppets and produced a short film showcasing their work, which you can watch below.

This project was delivered in partnership with Islington Speech and Language team.

“I liked working together with other people to make the puppets”

‘I felt proud of myself and really happy”

“It has made me a more confident speaker to people that I don’t know”

Student feedback

Me and My Bird

Me & My Bird is for people who would find leaving their residential setting challenging. The show has been created in consultation with hospitals, home visit organisations and a charity creating social engagement opportunities for over 65s.

The show encourages audiences to go on a personal journey that motivates the exploration of dreams and ideas. The story is brought to life through a blend of beautiful one to one engagement, puppetry and music.

Previous projects

We also run a free tickets programme called Puppets For All.  We work with community partners to offer tickets to people who would not otherwise afford to visit the theatre.

For more information please get in touch with our Community Engagement Manager Laura Hunt on