We Found a Hat

24 May – 1 September 2020

We are offering all our online shows for free, but if you’re able to make a donation it would be much appreciated.

Following on from the success of I Want My Hat Back and This is Not My Hat, we have partnered once again with Ian Nicholson, Samuel Wilde and Jim Whitcher to broadcast the final book in Jon Klassen’s trilogy.

In We Found a Hat, we meet two turtles who find a hat, and it looks good on both of them. They agree it’s not right for only one of them to have the hat, so they must leave it. As the evening continues, it’s obvious one turtle can’t stop thinking about the hat. But what’s more important – the hat, or their friendship?

The show was created remotely, with Nicholson, designer Samuel Wilde and Composer Jim Whitcher communicating across Zoom and WhatsApp over 200 miles apart to discuss storyboarding, prototypes for the puppets and music. The finished set was then posted by Wilde to Nicholson’s home, from where he performed the show, with his partner, Susannah Stevenson, acting as Stage Manager.

Thanks to the generosity of Jon Klassen and Walker Books, the show will be available to watch for free on the Little Angel Theatre YouTube Channel until Tuesday 1 September 2020.

You can buy the book from Walker Books here.

Written and Illustrated by Jon Klassen
Adapted, directed and performed by Ian Nicholson
Designed by Samuel Wilde
Music composed by Jim Whitcher
Stage Managed by Susannah Stevenson

Author: Jon Klassen
© 2016 by Jon Klassen
Published by Walker Books in 2017.