The Little Prince

From 16 May 2021

We are offering this online show for free, but if you’re able to make a donation it would be much appreciated.

By Metta Theatre

A WW2 pilot has crashed in the middle of the Sahara. If she doesn’t find water soon she’ll die. But instead of water she finds a mysterious child – the Little Prince whose imaginative adventures and tales of far off planets quench a deeper thirst.

Written and recorded entirely through lockdown Metta Theatre have created a 6 track EP of songs from their new British musical spun into a short film retelling Antoine De Saint Exupery’s much loved story through the medium of shadow puppetry. 

Eventually the stage production of the musical will be a circus musical extravaganza in the same vein as Metta’s 2018 Little Mermaid.

Metta Theatre are an award-winning mid scale touring theatre company focusing on creating new cross-artform theatre. Founded in 2005 by writer/director P Burton-Morgan and designer William Reynolds they have collaborated with Little Angel Theatre on several projects over the years including a shadow puppet production of Benjamin Britten’s Canticles in 2010, a puppetry adaptation and 2014 UK tour of Alice in Wonderland, with acclaimed puppeteer Mandy Travis; and a circus/puppetry musical adaptation of Rob Biddulph’s Blown Away in 2017.

This film will be released for free on the Little Angel Theatre YouTube channel and will be available for one year.

Once you’ve watched the show, have a go at making your own shadow puppets. You can use our activity guide to help you.


Writer & Director P Burton-Morgan
Composer & Musical Director Candida Caldicot
Film-maker Will Reynolds
Puppetry Designer Su Owens
Mixing & Mastering Simon Small

Keys Candida Caldicot
Violin Clare Taylor
Cello Maddie Cutter

The Pilot Rosalind Ford
The Prince Josh Barnett
The Snake/Fox/Rose Anne-Marie Piazza

The Hands of the Prince Noah (8) and Finn (6) Morgan-Reynolds