River and Ash

Release date Sunday 31st October, 12:00

We are offering this online show for free, but if you’re able to make a donation it would be much appreciated.

River and Ash are as happy as can be, out in nature, lost in their music until the ground opens up and swallows Ash whole, dragging them into the Underworld! Can the bonds of their friendship and the mystical magic of music help bring Ash home? 

Join River and Ash on this perilous adventure to a land from which there is no return. Can they outrun the demon hoards and find their way back home to their cosy cottage in time for tea? 

River and Ash is a delightful retelling of the Orpheus in the Underworld myth, reimagined in puppetry. Story and music by John K Miles, designed by in-house designer Ellie Mills (Mother Christmas, Where the Bugaboo Lives)

This film will be released for free on the Little Angel Theatre YouTube channel and will be available for one year.


Story and music John K Miles
Designed by Ellie Mills
Performed by Nix Wood
Filmed and edited by Isaac Madge