People Behind the Puppets

From 1 April 2021

We are offering these interviews and craft activities for free, but if you’re able to make a donation it would be much appreciated.

Over the past 60 years, a huge range of designers have brought their unique puppet designs to life on the Little Angel Theatre stage – from marionettes in Angelo to light-up foxes in WOW! It’s Night-Time and cardboard creations in the online adaptation of I Want My Hat Back. In this new online series, Little Angel’s very own Little Angel puppet will meet and interview these designers, including Toby Olié, Jimmy Grimes and Alison Alexander, finding out more about their experiences of puppetry design and why they love working in the field. Each designer will also bring along an easy puppet make that children can follow along at home.

We will be releasing a new interview with a designer and their puppet making activity every week for free on the Little Angel Theatre YouTube channel.


Puppetry performed by Lori Hopkins
Film by Isaac Madge
Little Angel puppet designed and made by Lyndie Wright
Animation by Will Powers
Music composed by Dominic Sales
Series produced by Miranda Pitcher

Puppet making activities

Once you’ve watched the interviews and seen all of the amazing puppets in action, have a go at making them yourself following the activity guides below.

Maia Kirkman-Richards: How to make… a living glove puppet
Oliver Hymans: How to make… a simple cloth marionette
Alicia Britt: How to make… a stop motion animation puppet
Jimmy Grimes: How to make… a donkey puppet
Shaun Lati: How to make… a talking sunflower puppet
Chris Pirie: How to make… a walking tabletop puppet
Tinka Slavicek: How to make… a munching sock puppet – try the simpler version (ages 3-6) or more challenging version (ages 7-11)
Matthew Robins: How to make… a shadow puppet
Emma Brierley: How to make… a creepy crawly puppet
Judith Hope: How to make… a 3D turtle puppet or How to make… a 2D turtle puppet
Sam Wilde: How to make… a running bear puppet