Release Date Sunday 5th December, 12:00

Suitable for ages 3+

Elephant is tired, and just in need of a good sleep for 10 minutes or so. His old armchair is comfy but worn out, and he can’t sit down without it making twingy-twangy noises. Determined to get a good sleep, Elephant sets out to find the perfect chair to nod off in. He is lucky enough to get help from his neighbour Anteater and a friendly Kangaroo, who guide him through a series of chair disasters! Despite all the mishaps, Elephant finally returns home to find he had the best chair all along. This is a musical and playful adaptation of Sean Taylor’s work, suitable for ages 3 and up.

This film will be released for free on the Little Angel Theatre YouTube channel and will be available indefinitely. 


Designed and adapted by Jessica Shead and Ruby Saide 

Joanna Townley – Art Department Assistant 

Kelly Frost – Art Department Assistant

Chris Wootton – Videographer and Editor

Andy Hopkins – Composer 

Duane Gooden – Voice Actor