About our at home resources

With the closure of all schools, we know that this will be a challenging time for many parents and carers.

Our theatre is currently closed for public performances, but our staff are super creative people and they will be using their time to generate a whole host of stay-at-home activity guides to help keep you and your little ones entertained. All of the guides will use simple materials (most of which can be found around the home) and are aimed at children from 3 to 11 and fall into the following categories:

· Suitable for ages 3-6 (KS1) with focused adult help

· Suitable for ages 7-11 (KS2) independent working

We will be adding a new guide every day.

We have also been overwhelmed by the support of the artists that we work with and their offer of help. So, we will also be releasing a daily video story told to camera by one of our performers. Each story will also include a guide for how to use this story to do even more activities at home.

And finally, our Artistic Director will spend an hour each day with her own children to make a small-scale puppet show. She will be using things that you can find at home, and you can follow their process – and even give it a go yourself!

We are offering these resources for free, but if you are able to make a small donation – even if it’s just £1 or £2 – it would be greatly appreciated.

The impact of COVID-19 is a critical threat to our venue, and we are doing everything in our power to overcome it. Most of our funding comes from people like you, coming to see our shows. Without these performances, the majority of our income is gone. We are determined to reopen to bring back our artistic and community programmes, look after our cherished buildings and remain accessible to all. Any donation, large or small, will help us overcome this threat and ensure our future. Thank you for believing in us.

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