Winners announced for Young Poets Network Challenge

This autumn we were proud to partner with The Poetry Society’s Young Poets Network to launch a new writing challenge for under 25s. The challenge asked young poets to write their own nonsense poem inspired by Edward Lear, the poet behind our shows The Dong with a Luminous Nose and The Further Adventures of the Owl and the Pussy-cat.

The judges had a tough choice selecting the winners, but you can read the first, second and third prize poems below. To find out more about the challenge and read our further five highly commended entries, visit the Young Poets Network website.

First Prize:
In the Mix

Georgia McMillan

A sky with no sun
A whale as light as a ton
A book with no words
A tree with no birds
A dog with no bone

I can hear them moan

A knife with no fork
A house took a walk
A plate with no napkin
I see that happen
A rubbish bin with no dust

As it must
As it must

Second Prize:
The Zumbiog

Monica Yell

Once I met a Zumbiog,
Right here, next to this tree,
He pombled over with brog-brog-brog,
And sat right next to me.

I told him his nose was awfully long,
But he said that it needed to be,
In order to luffle the snats from a fong
He needed his nose to see.

I asked him what he meant by that,
Having not understood,
But he said it was all just zhat
Which would come to no good.

Zhat? I thought, what on earth is that?
Unless he wasn’t from earth at all,
Like my cousin’s peculiar cat,
And then he started to bawl:

“I’ve been wunged from my gohne,
I’ve been fungled far away,
Now they’ve left me all alone.
With this phestrianus vay!”

“If I only had my boglio
I might yet fape my geth,
But alas my last one alio
In a danglian areth.”

I gave to him my handkerchief,
In the hope that it might help,
To stem his sudden groaning grief
And stop his piteous yelp.

‘A boglio, a boglio!’ the little thing did cry,
He moved to go, with fearsome speed,
And with my handkerchief fly,
But ere he went he offered to lead,

That I might follow too,
Since I had helped him get back home
And stop feeling so blue,
I grasped upon the boglio and we began to roam.

What did you see?” I hear you ask,
Where on Earth did you go?”
Well, it wasn’t on Earth, by any task,
And I’ll explain it all below:

The magnifocks were exaliston,
And the pagliors did stemp,
I found a wanigsy fandigon,
And I learnt to cranviemp!

Third prize:
Smug as a Bug

Jack Cooper

What a scrumbumbling bother,
my day’s in disarray;
that grumbugging Humbug
just won’t go away!

I went to post a letter,
but he was buzzing in the box.
I wanted watermelon,
but he’d scared them from the shops.

He even bumped my bum,
boy was I surprised
to find that little Humbug
so greatly jeopardized.

I just want to relax
and watch my favourite show,
but he’s even on the telly,
is there nowhere else to go?

So please do me a favour
to get me out this spot,
if you see that fumbling Humbug
give him a girly swat!