Little Angel Theatre to stream further two titles in Jon Klassen’s ‘Hat’ series

Following the success of Little Angel Theatre’s broadcast of Jon Klassen’s I Want My Hat Back, we are excited to announce we will be streaming performances of the remaining two titles in the three-book series, This is Not My Hat and We Found a Hat.

This is Not My Hat will be broadcast on Sunday 3 May at 11am BST and We Found a Hat on Sunday 24 May at 11am BST. Both performances will be streamed on the Little Angel Theatre YouTube channel, and will remain available until Sunday 7 June. Both shows will be free to access.

As with I Want My Hat Back, both productions will be directed and performed by Ian Nicholson, with set and puppet design by Samuel Wilde and music by Jim Whitcher. Both shows will be created remotely, with the creative team communicating across Zoom and WhatsApp over 200 miles apart, and the set posted to Nicholson to rehearse and perform from his living room in lockdown.

This is Not My Hat follows a little fish who has stolen an even smaller hat from an even bigger fish. But whilst the little fish hides himself where the plants are big and tall and close together, confident that he won’t be discovered, the big fish is already on his trail. In the final book in the trilogy, We Found a Hat, we meet two turtles who find a hat, and it looks good on both of them. They agree it’s not right for only one of them to have the hat, so they must leave it. As the evening continues, it’s obvious one turtle can’t stop thinking about the hat. But what’s more important – the hat, or their friendship?

I Want My Hat Back is still available to watch here until Monday 27 April.

Director Ian Nicholson said: ‘Sam, Jim and I have been blown away by the audience response to I Want My Hat Back. It’s been so lovely to receive messages from families who have watched the show and made their own mini theatres at home. Hopefully by completing the trilogy we will inspire even more young theatre makers. I’d also like to extend a huge thank you to Jon Klassen for being to supportive of this project.’

Little Angel Theatre’s Artistic Director, Samantha Lane, said: ‘We have been overwhelmed with the response to I Want My Hat Back. I’m so impressed with the work Ian, Sam and Jim have managed to create from their own homes, so it was a no-brainer to ask them to complete the trilogy. It’s been a delight to see so many families across the world settling in to watch theatre from their sofas, and creating their own puppet shows at home. Stay tuned for more exciting announcements about what we’ve got coming up.’

With thanks to Jon Klassen and Walker Books for granting permission to adapt these works.

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Author: Jon Klassen
© 2012 by Jon Klassen
Published by Walker Books in 2014.

Author: Jon Klassen
© 2016 by Jon Klassen
Published by Walker Books in 2017.