We have an exciting line up of speakers, activities and puppeteers for our Puppetry and Writers evening, taking place Monday 9th March from 7pm at Little Angel Studios, Islington. To book your place, click HERE.

We will be exploring the roles of writer and dramaturg in the development of puppetry performance.

There are many different ways to create a piece of performance and different creative practitioners employ different methods of working. While universally recognised job titles exist (such as director, writer, performer, designer), the boundaries of their responsibility can shift according to the particulars of the creative process employed.

Puppet scripts exist but puppetry work is often developed through practical exploration rather than from a pre-formed script. Working in this way can be particularly prone to ambiguity between creative roles. It is sometimes said that puppetry is closer to dance or film (rather than theatre with actors) as the focus in puppetry is often on movement or visual language rather than a dominance of spoken text.

So, how does a writer engage in a creative process when a puppetry performance is being developed through practical exploration? What about if the performance is not expected to contain spoken words?

How can puppetry practitioners develop their skills in writing, structure and dramaturgy?

How might a dramaturg benefit the development of a puppetry production? What is a dramaturg? How does the role of a dramaturg differ from that of writer or director?

We’ll be grappling with these questions at the Puppetry and Writers evening. There’ll be some discussion, followed by the chance to collaborate in some practical work with puppeteers and some of Little Angel’s beautiful puppets.

To share experience from their recent work, we’ll be joined by:

Beccy Smith from Touched Theatre; Molly Freeman and Gemma Williams from the Peter Brook Award nominated show CELL about to start a tour – Smoking Apples & Little Cauliflower; Shelley Knowles-Dixon & Louisa Ashton from Sparkle and Dark; and freelance writer Tilly Lunken who has recently written for Norwich Puppet Theatre.

And for the practical work we’ll be joined by a skilled team of guest puppeteers and of course some of Little Angel’s divine puppets.

The event is open to anyone interested in the creative process, writing or developing work with puppets.

You’ll find images from previous Puppetry and Writers evenings and a link to any updates at:



Hope you can join us. I look forward to welcoming you to the evening. Rachel Warr.

Tickets are just £3, book your place here: http://bit.ly/1955DG5

Rachel is both founder and director of Dotted Line Theatre as well as having been the Little Angel Theatre Associate Artist of 2012. This event follows on from the success of her previous Puppetry and Writers evening.