Workshops For Schools & Groups

Puppetry is an exciting way to explore the curriculum in a creative and imaginative way!

Here’s how you can link puppetry to your topic or curriculum

  • Making and using puppets helps pupils to connect with a character and feeds into their writing (English/Writing)
  • Using puppets they have made to explore stories and scenarios is an exciting way to inspire writing and encourages speaking (English/Writing/Speaking)
  • Speaking through a puppet they have made inspires confidence in even the most reluctant speaker (English/Speaking)
  • Puppet making is a craft and children will learn new skills and explore their creativity through the process of designing and making a puppet (Art and Design)
  • Puppet making involves designing and making a purposeful, functional creation and can be evaluated to test it’s functionality and appeal to an audience (Design and Technology)
  • Depending on the type of puppets you make you can also link puppetry with history, topics, science and R.E.

We also run workshops for Home Educated Children at our Studios.  More information about our latest workshop HERE.

In School Workshops – Bring your lessons to life with one of our puppet making workshops!

We can come to your school or venue and work with a class making puppets!

Table Top Puppets

Gladiator 009

Description:  These upright people puppets are extremely versatile and we can work with the class to make characters from a specific story or historical period or around a topic of your choice, just ask!
Potential Curriculum links:  English (exploring characters or story), History (making puppets from a certain historical period), Topic (making puppets themed around your topic), R.E (making puppets to tell a religious story), Art and Design, Design and Technology.
Time Needed:  It takes a full day for pupils to make these puppets so we would work with the class for the whole day.
Age:  This puppet is suitable for Year 1 to Year 6 (we can adapt the model slightly for different ages)
Cost:  £390+VAT per class per day

“The children very much enjoyed the days activities. It was very well thought out and the day went very well with children very pleased with their outcomes.  Our topic is ‘Toys’ and so the children were able to replicate a character they designed the previous day”. Year 1 teacher Selwyn Primary School

Shadow Puppets

shadow 1

Description: Our shadow puppet making workshops allow children to not only to learn a new puppet making skill but also explore some science as they learn about shadow and light as well as creating exciting fantasy worlds and characters.
Potential Curriculum links:  English (exploring settings and story), Topic (making puppets themed around your topic), Science (exploring shadow and light), Art and Design, Design and Technology.
Time Needed:  We can work with one class for a whole day to make puppets and have a go at using them.  For larger schools we also run half day sessions which means we can work with 2 classes in one day or 3 classes over 1 and a half days.
Age:  Shadow puppet making is not suitable for younger children as it involves a lot of intricate cutting, we recommend these workshops for Year’s 3-6 but will consider year 2  classes with lots of cutting out experience!
Cost:  £390+VAT per day.  We can work with one class for the whole day or 2 classes for half a day each.  For 3 form entry schools we can offer 1.5 days (half a day per class) for £600+VAT

Dragon Puppets – How to Make Your Dragon!

Description:  Want to know how to train a Dragon?  Design your own fantastical creature and bring it to life through puppetry.  These string puppets can fly through the air and are ideal for any class exploring mythical stories that involve wondrous creatures and magical adventures!
Potential Curriculum links: English (myths and legends, stories that feature dragons), Art and Design, Design and Technology.
Time Needed:  It takes a full day for pupils to make these puppets so we would work with the class for the whole day.
Age:  This puppet is suitable for KS2 Year 3 to Year 6
Cost:  £390+VAT per class per day

An Introduction to Puppetry Performance

for Secondary schools, Further and Higher Education, Adults or Youth Groups

Description: A crash course in puppetry performing and the art of becoming a puppeteer for total beginners.   We assist your group in discovering essential skills and teaching the techniques needed to bring objects alive with movement and emotion.  Participants are then given the opportunity to practice these skills using puppets from Little Angel Theatre’s teaching collection.  This is an entertaining and comprehensive introduction to the art of the puppeteer.  Sessions can be adjusted to suit particular needs/puppetry styles if required.
Time Needed: This training can be delivered either as one full day or condensed versions as a half day or as separate sessions for multiple groups over the course of a day.
Age: The content of the workshop is suitable for young people and adults from Year 7/8 (age 11) onwards.
Group Size: We recommend that groups are kept as small as possible, but we will work with up to one class (30 people) at a time. We can come to you, or where available we can host a group in our Studios space.
Cost: £360 + VAT for one full day £250+VAT for half a day (3 hours)

We can come to your setting or visit to us to learn more about puppetry and have a go!

Learn more about puppets with us either in your setting or as part of a visit to see a show at the theatre or as a stand-alone trip.  Prices vary depending on size of group and duration of session.  We can tailor workshops to suit all ages from Nursery to adult!  Sessions requested at the theatre are subject to availability of our Theatre or Studios space.

We can offer a variety of experiences including:

Meet the Puppets!

Meet some of our puppets, learn about how they work, what they are made from and how we make them: Prices start from £85 + VAT.  We can deliver this at school as part of an assembly or to groups of children or you can come to us (can include a tour of the theatre if you are visiting us subject to availability).

Meet the Puppets and have a go! 

Meet some of our puppets and learn about how they work, what they are made from and how we make them then have a go yourselves:  Prices start from £195 +VAT, minimum time required 1.5 hours.  £350 +VAT for a full day working with up to 3 groups.

Nursey and EYFS Puppet Making

We can work in your setting or at our Studios space to make a simple puppet linked to a current show or a topic/story of your choice (where suitable), either as part of a visit to the theatre or as a stand-alone workshop in your setting.  Prices start from £250 +VAT, minimum time required 1.5 hours per group.

Email for more information, to get a quote or to book our school/group workshops.

Please note that for bookings where rail travel is necessary (beyond tube and London overground reach) or if a school/venue is more than 15 minutes walk from the nearest tube/London overground station and a bus or taxi is required additional travel expenses may be added to the fee.  This will be agreed on booking if necessary.

Whether you would like to work with us for one day, a whole academic year or anything in-between we can provide a variety of bespoke puppetry workshops and residencies, just ask!

This short film is an example of our work in schools, featuring Thornhill school where we have had a puppeteer in residence since 2008.

Contact our school’s programme manager for more information specific to your requirements and a quote.