This blog post was written by Rachel Warr, artistic director of Dotted Line Theatre 

Dotted Line Theatre is very excited about the coming Writing for Puppetry evening, where we will be exploring what it is to make work using puppetry.

Dotted Line Theatre has been running Writing for Puppetry events at Little Angel for over 3 years now.  During this time we have looked at a range of different topics: different types of puppetry and their strengths, creative processes, the role of a dramaturg in the rehearsal room, to name a few.

We have a fantastic line up planned for the 13th June and we are delighted to welcome Mervyn Millar as our guest speaker, more on that below.

So what is a Puppetry & Writers Evening at Little Angel Theatre all about? Puppetry is a powerful medium for conveying a concept or a narrative. It combines elements of theatre and fine art, making it a challenging medium to write for.

I use the term ‘write’ in a broad sense. For me ‘writing’ a play is about how to form a structure, how to sculpt the content, how to plot a sequence of action to create drama. It might mean drafting a script but equally it might mean devising through practical exploration where no formal script exists or no spoken language is used.

Understanding what makes good ‘writing’ is important for all theatre makers, and for those wanting to make the most of puppetry as a form of expression.

Puppetry is a powerful medium for conveying a concept or a narrative.

I work as a puppetry director and dramaturg and I work extensively with new writing companies, writers and devising ensembles. It seems to me that there are few opportunities to discuss how to construct an effective piece of drama or to hear from experienced practitioners on this subject, particularly from the point of view of making work with puppetry. This was why I set up the Puppetry & Writers Evening events. This is a place to investigate, explore and share in knowledge.

I am delighted to announce that Mervyn Millar will be joining us as our guest speaker at the coming Puppetry & Writers Evening. Mervyn Millar is a director, designer, performer, writer and dramaturg. Mervyn’s work includes being part of the original creative team behind War Horse and directing the show’s casts in London, New York, Toronto and Berlin. Mervyn directs for company Significant Objects and he leads workshops for writers at venues including the Royal Court and the Arvon Foundation.

There will also be a group of expert puppeteers and some of Little Angel theatre’s puppets, for some practical demonstrations and a chance to explore practically what it is to write for puppetry.

Hope you can join us.

Rachel Warr

Dotted Line Theatre

Puppetry & Writers Evening will take place on 13th June 2016 at Little Angel Studios from 7pm-10pm.

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