Ask any member of our staff what our favourite, most memorable, or loveable puppets are, and you would be met with the sound of heads scratching and the workings of our brains.

How can we pick our favourite puppets when we work in puppet theatre surrounded by the most amazing puppet makers, designers and puppeteers?

Thankfully we weren’t asked when Susannah Clapp wrote up her Top Ten Best Puppets in last weeks Observer, and guess who got a mention? Why, our puppets from Venus and Adonis. Well, actually it was one particular puppet that caught the eye of Susannah…

“But the show’s star was Venus, a Marilyn Monroe of puppets who, with an impressive cleavage, neatly turned ankles and long golden locks, slipped across the stage like silk. She was sultry and bossy, the temporary queen of the theatre known as the home of British puppetry”

What do you think? A Marilyn Monroe in the making:

There were other notably stars amongst Susanna’s article who have featured at Little Angel over the years. Sooty (of Sooty and Sweep fame) was operated than none other than Ronnie Le Drew, director, puppeteer and teacher at Little Angel. The Paper Cinema’s Night Flyer has performed at Little Angel several times during our Adult Season of work, and talk of the town War Horse has seen many a Little Angel puppeteer consult, perform and work with the West End and Broadway cast (such as Rachel Leonard currently starring in our own show A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings).

So it seems that Susannah picked an excellent group of puppets, but who would you pick for your Top 10? Leave a comment below to join in the fun… meanwhile we’ve got some thinking to do about our Top 10. Would we be too biased to say all our own puppets? Probably.