This week our blog comes from David, the Technical Manager of the Little Angel.

Davids role is to look after all the technical aspects that the theatre has, including the lighting and sound for all the shows that come into the theatre. He also designs all the lighting for our in-house productions, as well as being a full time dad, as he explains below:

Being the father of a 1 year old, I spend a lot of time sat in a dark room, rocking. Not because I’m on the edge of nervous collapse, although it often feels like it, but doing bedtime feeds in the evening. Over the last few months this nightly ritual has become my time to reflect on the new lighting rig we’re gearing up to install at the theatre.

In the calm of the darkened nursery I’ve been mulling over all the various ideas, quotations, products, lamps, cables, control desks, and various scrolling, moving, colour changing, high spec, low carbon footprint lights that I’ve been looking at for the Little Angel.

When I started working here I was asked to look at upgrading the equipment and wiring, some of which is nearly as old as the building! I always seem to end up working in some of the … quirkier theatres, and I felt quite at home with the lovingly looked after mish-mash of old equipment at the Little Angel.

As I learned more about puppetry and the work here in particular, I began to understand what a visual form of theatre puppetry is. It’s really another form of dance, and there are a lot of links between the work done at Little Angel and ballet. I realised that the work we create and present is world class, but using equipment you’d expect in a pub theatre.

Two years and one phenomenal fund-raising campaign later, and we’re on the brink of upgrading the entire lighting infrastructure. Expect updates as plans come together, and the pressure will be on for the lighting design to end them all this Christmas!

And when my little girl grows up, I can point up at the scaffolding and thank her for those long nights sat in the dark, rocking and rocking and rocking and rocking and rocking …………..

David will be writing more on the lighting refit over the next few months including our last push for fundraising.