Our latest production here at the Little Angel, The Magician’s Daughter, has started and the reviews are starting to come in. Instead of bombarding you with all the reviews on our Facebook and our Twitter, we’ve collected them for you to browse below.

(This blog will be updated with more reviews when we get them!)

The Magician’s Daughter runs until 10th July. More information can be found on our main website here.

The Reviews:

“Little Angel’s puppetry and Michael Rosen’s writing prove a magical combination, gently introducing children to snippets of Shakespearean verse while tickling them with Rosen’s trademark wordplay and slapstick comedy”, The Stage

Read The Stage review here

“…a charming piece that offers the very young a painless introduction to Shakespearean phrases and motifs” The Guardian

Read The Guardian review here

“gentle, slight and artful”, Time Out

“…you’re unlikely to be disappointed by this enchanting show”, Time Out

Read the Time Out review here.

“While I watched, I was as enthralled by the sight of the watching children as I was by the performance – I’ve never seen so many five year olds sit bolt-straight, hands in laps, not a fidget anywhere, absolutely gripped by the unfolding action.”, Spectator Arts Blog

“A treat for everyone”, Spectator Arts Blog

Read the Spectator Arts Blog review here.

“a gentle introduction to Shakespeare for young children, as well as a magical piece of theatre for anyone” Tim Jones

“a gentle, uncomplicated and exciting story that will both captivate and set-free young minds” Tim Jones

Read Tim Jones ‘Theatre Junki’ review here.

“a dreamlike tale of wonder” Scott Matthewman

Read Scott Matthewman’s review here.

***** Five Stars, The Prompt

“If the Prompt was a parent, he’d take his kids to see this show. It’s reasonably priced, held in a wonderful and intimate space that is perfect for this type of performance, and is immensely enjoyable for the whole family.” The Prompt

Read The Prompt’s review here.

“With precise puppetry and beautiful singing they convey a sense of adventure, a passion for storytelling and mystery to a very eager and young audience, making the most of Rosen’s imaginative text” Diana Damian

Read Diana Damian’s review here.