A photo taken from The Fabulous Flutterbys

The below article is written by Jake, our Marketing Officer on getting critical praise for our production of The Fabulous Flutterbys:

One of the great things about working in a small theatre is being able to see a show develop. As an audience member sitting watching a show I often don’t think of the whole process that a show that is being performed in front of me has been through.

Somewhere, someone had an idea, and from this idea a whole series of meetings, thinking and collaborating has led to a performance. The process is one that we rarely get to hear about but working at the Little Angel with its small office, sometimes you just can’t help to hear how things are moving on.

With The Fabulous Flutterbys I was really able to see the show develop over the course of the rehearsal period. I was lucky enough to go into the rehearsal room to capture images, and even saw some of the original design concepts for the puppets. Finally seeing it live on the stage now has made me realise just how much work goes into putting on a show. Even if it is childrens theatre and a puppetry show, the workload is immense.

There are so many different people throughout the building working on various aspects of the show. The Education Team have made an Education Pack for teachers, our Administrator has created the summer party around the theme of ‘bugs’ to reflect the show. Even the Front of House staff have to know about the show to be able to talk to the audience, or when on the phone as Box Office, selling the show.

A production ripples through the theatre like drops of water in an ocean. Each person contributes in some manner, and more than often we wouldn’t even have imagined their involvement in the first place. You often have to think of a theatre as a well oiled machine, with all these cogs and mechanisms working together and independently of each other. Whilst some seem bigger than others, without each individual part of the machine working, the theatre just wouldn’t function.

We are lucky enough to have a wonderful team in place at the moment here at the Little Angel. We all work in an amazing, upbeat and fun environment and the work we produce reflects all the hard work that goes into it.

With The Fabulous Flutterbys it is even better to see and hear the praise of the show from the critics and audiences, especially seeing the show develop as I have. We have had an overwhelming amount of critics coming to see the show, each willing to enjoy that dreaded thing called ‘Childrens Theatre’.

We’re Time Outs Critics Choice and have been given 4 stars by them, The Evening Standard and The Sunday Express. Even Michael Billington from The Guardian took a seat in the front row of the theatre with his grandson and gave us a hearty 3 star review. In times when it is increasingly hard to get critical praise or commentary on Childrens Theatre – we have succeeded in getting some of the major national press in to see our work.

If anything, the 4 star reviews are a testament to all the work that happens behind the scenes here at the Little Angel, and for me, I am proud to be part of this.

Thank you for supporting us!

To see the reviews of The Fabulous Flutterbys, see our main website where we have linked to each. The Fabulous Flutterbys is booking until 4th July 2010.