The SUSPENSE Festival is rapidly approaching and all of us at Little Angel and the participating venues are working hard to make sure that everyone hears about it. BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP!

We have 20,000 brochures to distribute to every location in London (we’re being ambitious)… or at least to all the cultural and hip and happening places that us puppet obsessed folk might not know about.

We’re holding a volunteer and distribute day at Little Angel on Sunday 9th October at 12.30pm to try and get the festival brochures flying out the door and into the hands of those that need them. We’ve already have a team who are willing but we need as many pairs of hands as possible to ensure that all those boxes of brochures are out and about. Take a look at the above photo to get an idea about how many we have to give out… ooo-err…

Can you help us?

We sadly can’t offer payment, but we can offer friendly smiles, a tour of the theatre, and we’re all heading to the pub afterwards, so you might just get a drink from us too (although don’t tell the boss we said that).


WHEN: Sunday 9th October, 12.30pm
WHERE: Meeting at Little Angel Theatre, London, N1 2DN
WHY: To distribute SUSPENSE brochures
HOW: With strong arms, and sturdy hands.
WHO: You.


If you’d like to join us (please do), then please drop Lynette an email lynette[at] to let her know that you can help us.