Ever wondered what happens behind the scenes here at the Little Angel? Here is Jake, our Marketing Officer to tell you a little about his job and what marketing means.

Hello all,

I’m Jake, and I’m the Marketing Officer here at the Little Angel Theatre. I’m the newest member of staff (and youngest!). The Little Angel has always done marketing for shows, events and for the theatre itself, but until recently it was always juggled with many other jobs. Now I’m here to work on marketing everything!

Marketing is an interesting job, and something which I have been getting myself stuck into for the past few months here. There are lots of different elements to the work that I do.

You have to think about the theatre as one big building, and in this building are a whole series of rooms. These rooms all have different activities happening by different people and staff. My job is to make sure that I know what is happening in each of these different rooms, and make sure that everyone outside of the theatre knows about them too!

Complicated? Not really! Just lots of work to be doing and lots of exciting opportunities for me to show you what is going on.

Whilst the Little Angel Theatre may appear to be small, it is secretly bursting with activities happening each week. I’m responsible as Marketing Officer to make sure that audiences come and see each of these things. If a show is taking place in the theatre, I am the person who lets you know about it.

Much of my job involves the use of online tools to do the marketing. Since joining the Little Angel in November last year, I have made full use of social networking tools. By using Twitter and Facebook we can connect more to our audiences and make them feel welcomed, it also allows for you to talk directly with us.

This blog is another way that you, the reader, and audience can see what happens behind the doors of the theatre. After all, part of the fun of theatre is seeing how it’s made – and what a better way than to see photos of puppets being made, videos of rehearsals and the shows themselves.

I’ll be regularly keeping you up to date with the latest news and backstage photos and stories from all our shows.

Make sure you keep reading!

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