Little Angel’s technical manager David Duffy explains the idea of our Staff Tweet Days which will give you a glimpse behind the scenes here at Little Angel….

The frenetic touch typing of Jake Orr, our Marketing Officer, has meant our online community has grown beyond all expectation in the last couple of years. Our once sad looking Facebook page is a now a bustling hub of activity, and I can’t think of a cup of tea that hasn’t been tweeted about. We enjoy the feedback and exchange, and it’s always great to find out what other puppeteers, puppet makers or just theatre lovers are up to every day.

Jake and I have been plotting away recently, thinking of ways to get more staff involved in our interactive content. As you’d expect for a puppet theatre, the building is crammed with personalities who all have stories to tell. And as we’re always so busy, people’s day to day experiences vary enormously. From going into schools demonstrating shadow puppets, to stocking up the tuck shop, driving to the dump or hobnobbing with the top dogs at the Royal Shakespeare Company, no two days are the same.

So we’ve decided to start some Meet the Staff Tweet Days, with guest hosts from around the organisation. I’ve volunteered to kick it all off, even though I’ve never tweeted a tweet in my whole tweeting life. So for one day only I’ll be firing off missives about a day in the life of a theatre technician, answering those burning questions you’ve all got, showing you pictures and videos that make up the day and giving a different slant on the inner workings of the Little Angel Theatre.

And don’t worry, before the day’s ended I’ll let you know my favourite lighting crossfade time. Just got to whittle it down from my top ten!

1st Meet The Staff Tweet Day: Thursday 30th June. On Twitter. @LittleATheatre or check our blog for the whole day of tweets