A lovely message from our intern Ilaria Tedeschi, thank you for all your hard work Ilaria and good luck in the future!

“After 4 years of lessons and exams studying ‘Management for the Performing Arts’ at university in Milan, I came to London to participate in an internship to complete my studies. I finally needed to apply what I had been learning and challenge myself. After months of research and applications I found the Little Angel Theatre and they accepted me as an intern!

I did not have a background in puppetry, which at first may not sound like a perfect match, however I could not have been luckier!

I have worked within the newly born Marketing department and I have helped organise this year’s Summer Party, which was a great success. It was great fun to be involved in a variety of projects, ranging from scheduling social media campaigns to designing an exciting treasure hunt for kids! This variety allowed me to have a complete overview of the theatre’s activities and made me learn much more about what I am able to achieve!

I am very grateful to have ended up in this wonderful world of puppetry: it was really great to have an insight into this art form… it is so unique! The experience will remain a treasure to me.”

You can find out more about becoming an intern at Little Angel Theatre HERE.