This weeks blog comes from our newest intern Jemma, she has been working with us for a few months now – so we thought it was about time to catch up and see what she has been up to.

“Hello Little Angel followers! I’m Jemma, and I’m the new Admin and Marketing intern at the theatre. I’ve been working at Little Angel for around a month now, and it’s been a really interesting time.

Having had a bit of experience performing on stage, and rather a lot more experience working front-of-house, I was keen to see what goes on behind the scenes in a small but thriving venue like LAT, and an internship like this is a great way to learn all about the day-to-day running of a theatre.

At the moment LAT is very busy with a season of work presented by visiting companies; the office is currently resounding with the chants and singing drifting up from the theatre downstairs where ‘Three Good Wives’ is rehearsing.

There’s a very varied programme over the next couple of months, including our latest in-house production, ‘The Fabulous Flutterbys’, which I’m really looking forward to working on, and of course watching!

The staff working here at LAT are all fantastic, and you can tell that they are passionate about their jobs and about the theatre. What I particularly appreciate is the fact that they have been happy to give me responsibilities, and don’t intend on treating their intern as a glorified tea girl!

I’ve been given lots of varied tasks to work on, ranging from updating online listings to helping out in the box office, going database-crazy collating press quotes and audience feedback, plus attempting to be artistic with the front of house displays.

Everyone has been very welcoming, and most importantly I do feel that I’m learning a lot and, I hope, making a contribution.”

Don’t forget that we regularly have internships here at the Little Angel, and are always striving to further the experiences of those on them. If you are interested in possibly doing an internship, see our main website for more details. Or you can volunteer with all the projects that we have on!