How to… Giraffe hand prints

To get you in the mood for Zeraffa Giraffa, our brand new co-production with Omnibus Theatre, we thought you might enjoy making these fun and messy giraffe hand prints.

What you’ll need:

  • poster paints – yellow and brown
  • paint brushes
  • paper
  • googly eyes
  • glue
  • decorative items
  • paper plates/ trays for paint
  • Something to cover your table
  • Baby wipes/ tap and soap nearby
  • A work surface covered with an old newspaper or tablecloth that can be washed

How to

1. Each child needs a piece of A3 or A4 paper/card, or a few so you can test and reject!

2. Practice the children planting hand and forearm on paper with a little bit of space still at top of page and to the right of the handprint on the paper (to draw head on)

3. Paint hand and forearm in yellow paint. Use paintbrush to paint a generous amount of paint onto hand and forearm.

4. Place hand onto paper and push down. Keep hand still for a few seconds and lift straight off upwards.

5. Clean your hand and then turn your piece of paper around so the tips of your painted fingers are at the bottom of the page

7. Draw on head shape to top of arm print. Don’t forget to add in ears (or a hat)!!

8. Leave your giraffe to dry for a little bit

9. Decorate your giraffe with a brown pattern using either paint or tissue paper, our fab artist has gone for a mix of both!
Top tip: you can use half a polystyrene ball dipped in paint to get the same shape repeatedly

10. Stick on a pair of googly eyes

11. Use felt tips to decorate fine details like mane and tail and add on any other decorative items or surroundings… tada!

A very special thank you to our two artists, who are identical twins!

Make sure you show us your hand print giraffes by twitter @LittleATheatre or on Facebook, search Little Angel Theatre and tag us in!

Zeraffa Giraffa opens at Little Angel Theatre on 21 Sep and runs until 4 Nov, click HERE to book your tickets and to find out more.