The Magician’s Daughter, our take on Shakespeare’s The Tempest, which follows the story after Miranda has left the ‘isle of noises’ has just started its UK tour. Most of the children’s work that we do at Little Angel goes on tour shortly after its run in the theatre. Sometimes the productions will go on multiple tours, and in some exceptional cases they will find themselves half-way across the world

This tour of The Magician’s Daughter is perhaps one of the most adventurous tours we have done for our work. The show might not be as big as its sister production of The Tempest (which we did as a collaboration with The Royal Shakespeare Company), but it is proving to be a big one all the same.


Here is a quick snapshot of some of the figures:

The Magician’s Daughter 2011 Tour

– 100 days of touring
– The tour ends on 24th December
– Visiting 35 different venues
– Total of 135 performances
– We’re touring with a lighting rig
– 2 performers and 1 stage manager

The tour will end on the 24th December, just in time for Christmas, but this really is an intense and demanding tour for our two performers and stage manager to embark on in our tour van.

Touring a production for 100 days with some 135 performance is no easy task, and demands a certain skill from those involved. Little Angel Theatre is no stranger to touring though as John Wright, founder of Little Angel, would often embark on tours with the marionette company from the bottom of Africa to the top of Scotland. You can read some of the adventurous from that time on our blog here.

We’re wishing both Lizzie and Claire the best of performers luck with the show, and hope that audiences enjoy it just as much as they did here at Little Angel.

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