Kai the puppet from The Snow Queen

Our administrator Holly suggested that this week our blog should be about our first experiences or memories of puppetry.

As a purpose built puppetry theatre, which has an all year round season of puppetry shows, you might say that we are enthusiasts to this art form… but what are our first memories of it?

We did a quick scout around the theatre to ask some of the staff who work here to find out the answer, and what varied memories we got, including a rather creative play:

Lynette – General Manager

“Punch and Judy in my garden. We use to have entertainers come and do an act for mine and my sisters birthday in July outside in the garden. Depending upon the weather of course.”

Holly – Administrator

“When I was little, the really big children shows were all based around puppetry. There was Play Day’s, Rosie and Jim, Rainbow, Sooty and Sweep and of course The Muppets (a personal favourite!) So ever since a child I was surrounded by these television shows with puppets, I guess it never really stopped. Oh! And Seasme Street, mustn’t forget that!”

Jake – Marketing Officer

“I remember for my birthday when I was about 7 being brought a big fluffy string puppet. It was bright blue, and had amazingly long legs. It might have even been a bird, much like the one from Sesame Street. I could never actually get it to do anything other than move around the room slowly, so it use to hang from my ceiling. That puppet then stayed hung up until I was around 15 when I felt it was time to pass it on to someone else in the family. My cousin became the lucky owner of it, and still has it today!”

Alex – Front of House Manager

“When I was five years old I came to see The Little Mermaid here at the Little Angel Theatre. I really remember the music, and funnily enough when we revived the show again in 2006 I could still remember bits of it. There is also the smell of the theatre, the same smell that is here today – slightly mouldy – but in a good way! I also remember walking past the theatre and knowing that there would be something special taking place inside – and look, I’m now working here and have been for 6 years!”

David – Technical Manager

Scene – Thornton Heath, 1981. David (4) and Ruth (6) are in bed. Ruth on top bunk, David reading below.

Ruth: Turn that light off.
David: I’m reading.
Ruth: Turn it off. I can’t sleep.
David: I want to read my book.

A well aimed jab from above knocks the book from David’s hands.

David: (crying) DAD!

Enter John (34), the exasperated peacekeeper.

John: What’s going on?
Ruth: I can’t sleep. He’s reading.
David: It’s not fair.
John: You’re going to have to share. What were you watching this morning David?
David: Sesame Street.
Ruth: Sesame Street’s for babies!
John: And what did Bert and Ernie learn about today? It began with the letter C.
David: Co-operating?
John: That’s right. You need to learn to co-operate. Goodnight!

Exit John.

David: See, we need to be like Bert and Ernie.
Ruth: (scowling) You’re such a geek!

David continues reading, until a hand creeps down from the top bunk and unplugs his light.

David: DAD!!!

Now you’ve heard our first memories, what about yours? Was it on the TV? Maybe you went to see one of the puppetry shows here at the Little Angel? Leave a comment below to join in the puppetry memories.

Thanks for reading.