Puppetry is such a visual artform that often words can be done away with and yet the narrative is still crystal clear. That’s the joy of just seeing a moving image or in our case, puppets, before you. However sometimes it’s good to forget about the visual and rely upon an altogether different sense than the one we are use to. Here, I am referring to that of the aural – your hearing.

Little Angel was approached by Helen Babbs about creating an audio documentary of the theatre. As a company that works visually, the chance to allow our audience to explore the theatre in a different medium was exciting.

We gave Helen the freedom of the theatre, and access to our staff. Below is the result, a wonderful 14 minutes of seeing the world of the Little Angel Theatre through the eyes (or should I say ears?) of some of the staff and puppeteers.

An Audio Documentary of the Little Angel for the 50th Anniversary:

[soundcloud url=”http://soundcloud.com/helenbabbs/final-in-praise-of-puppets/s-1nW2j”]

The audio documentary was made by Helen Babbs, you can find out more of her work on her website here.