2011 is a special year for all of us at the Little Angel old and new, as we enter our 50th Anniversary Year. All those years ago (and I have to say, some 28 years before I was even born), John and Lyndie Wright founded the Little Angel. I’m not sure if either of them knew how popular and long-lasting the theatre would become to the Islington community and even seeing it become the centre of excellence in puppetry as it is now. The theatre is respected around the world, and continually proves that from small places, come big ambitions and continual work of excellent quality – imaginatively, and physically.

All of us at the Little Angel know how important it is to keep puppetry as a form of performance continually respected and revived. Perhaps 2011 will be the year of puppetry for all of us, where you’d be hard pushed not to find something entertaining in the line up we have for you!

Here is a quick overview of how 2011 looks at the Little Angel:

Jan – Alice and Wonderland / Hold On Mr Rabbit
Jan – Hands On Symposium On Applied Puppetry
Feb – Apr Spring Visitors Season
Apr – May The Tempest (Collaboration with The RSC)
May – Jun The Magicians Daughter
Jul – Summer Party / Incubate
Aug – Sep The Wild  Night of  the Witches
Sep – Oct Autumn Visitors Season
Oct – SUSPENSE Festival
Nov – Dec Christmas Show (Directed by Mike Shepherd of Kneehigh Theatre)

What does this mean? Well, it works out at 24 shows (excluding those in the festivals), over 300 performances, 3 puppetry festivals, 20 + education projects and classes/courses, 2 visitor seasons, 2 collaborations with excellent theatre companies, a Symposium, many parties, and of course, a lot of puppetry!

As the 50th Anniversary Year of the Little Angel, we’re really pushing the boat out. We’ve got one of the first shows ever performed at the Little Angel returning again (Wild Witches) with Marionettes. Collaborations with both The RSC and Mike Shepherd of Kneehigh Theatre, in two stunning new adaptations. The return of our SUSPENSE Festival, the London festival of adult puppetry, with new venues including The V&A, and The Roundhouse. Our Education department marks it’s 10th year operating, and are conducting a symposium in Applied Puppetry, which is going to be enlightening, and quite possibly ground breaking. As well as their continued work on our classes and courses, and of course our Little Angel Youth Theatre will be performing as part of the NT Connections festival.

All of this has come from the past 49 years, and from our sustained audience who support us along the way. If next year we turn 50, and have all of the above planned, can you imagine what we’ll be doing when we reach 100 years old? Well… we’ve got 50 years to plan it, but for now, here is to Little Angel turning 50, and we hope you will join us for it.

Happy Anniversary Little Angel