Hire our puppets

Little Angel Theatre cares for a large archive of puppets, from Bunraku to marionettes and familiar characters from children’s television. The archive has been built up over many years of Little Angel shows, as well as receiving generous donations from the public. Recently we have taken on 17 exquisite Indonesian shadow puppets, 10 Pelham puppets and 5 marionettes.

If you are interested in hiring a puppet for your production or project, please email a short description of your requirements to magdalene@littleangeltheatre.com.

We are always looking to grow our collection. Storage space is currently limited, however we hope to offer a safe home to puppets which we feel will support our broadening archive. We are keen to preserve the puppets themselves, as well as any interesting stories surrounding them.

If you are interested in donating any puppets to the theatre please contact magdalene@littleangeltheatre.com.